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As floods are becoming more impactful and more frequent due to climate change, accurate and actionable advice from flood early warning systems has never been more critical. Based on more than 10 years of experience in flood early warning we have developed the FloodSmart approach around the vision that no one should be surprised by a flood. Discover how technology can assist in establishing early warning systems that deliver essential information precisely when it is needed most.

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Discover in this E-Book

  • The four pillars of flood early warning

  • How to set up modular early warning systems

  • Ready to use, proven software solutions

  • Approaches to effective warning communication

  • How to start setting up an early warning system 
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FLASH brings flood resilience to Parramatta

See how Parramatta’s city council uses the FLASH flood forecasting and warning tool to gain vital flooding insights in just minutes rather than hours – including how it gives early warnings to residents and emergency responders.d manage the impact of floods.

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